Dennis Loska

Hi! My name is Dennis.

These are technologies I like to work with.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Python


  • MongoDB
  • MySQL

Frameworks & Libs

  • React
  • Express.js
  • Redux
  • Playwright
  • scikit-learn
  • Blueprint
  • Semantic UI
  • Bootstrap

Systems & Tools

  • Linux
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • VSCode
  • Git
  • Vim

About me

I am a fullstack software engineer based in Berlin. Most of my experience lies in full stack development of web applications using the MERN stack. During my time at university I was learning algorithms and data structures using Java, but in later semesters I moved on to focus on JavaScript and Python. I love to use JavaScript for web development, both on the frontend and backend. I enjoy working with Python when I work on data science or machine learning projects and problems. For my bachelor thesis I loved using the combination of VSCode, Jupyter Notebook and Conda to work on my machine learning pipeline and models.

Also, I don't shy away from DevOps related tasks. I love to host my projects in Docker containers and enjoy being the admin of my own little server. This website and other projects in fact, are running on a small Raspberry Pi on an Ubuntu Server. I might not have a sophisticated deployment pipeline, but some simple cronjobs to pull and deploy the latest changes from the production branch also do the job!

Besides all these technology-related topics, which I am passionate about, I am also quite into sports. In 2022, I cycled from Berlin to the Swiss Alps on my road bike to get more in shape and lose some weight, which I gained during my time at university. I try to average about 10 hours of sports a week, which is a highly ambitious goal for me. If it ain't on Strava, it never happened! I like cycling, the occasional run and standup paddling, as I live close by nature, which makes these activities convenient - no excuses!

My interest in sports stems from my inner drive for self-improvement. As a Christian, I believe I have the responsibility and also the ability to become the best version of myself in order to be an inspiration for others and someone who can make a positive impact on the world. In order to achieve this, I also developed a high interest in psychology and philosophy. Thinking about mechanisms of consciousness and how phenomenology and religious experience shape our lived experience as humans is highly fascinating to me! I want to work on something meaningful and take on responsibility. I want to step into the unknown!

Projects & Work

These are some of my web de­ve­lop­ment side pro­jects and uni­ver­si­ty pro­jects. Du­ring my time at the uni­ver­si­ty I al­so did ma­ny other pro­jects using Java, which co­vered to­pics like al­go­rithms, data struc­tures, image pro­cess­ing, unit tes­ting etc.. You can find some of these on my Github profile.


Cydash is a webapplication to manage end-to-end tests which I have built during my internship at Primetag in Portugal in 2019.

React, Redux, Node.js,,

Private due to being an internship project, though you can take a look at the demo!


Overlays is a university project which I did together with Luisa Kurth. The goal of this game is to give the player a better intuition for overlapping colors. The game gets more difficult with each level!

jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass, Canvas API, Node.js

Overlays on my Github


Neuralcomposer is a university project which I did together with Ilona Eisenbraun and Mai Ly Le. It is a tool to transfer images into art ispired by

React, Node.js, Flask, Docker, Tensorflow Style Transfer Algorithm

Neuralcomposer on my Github

Labeling Tool
Labeling Tool

This is a small web application to label and navigate through JSON datasets. It is especially suited for labeling short text messages e.g. emails or customer reviews.

React, Node.js

Labeling Tool on my Github


Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions or propositions so we can talk about all the details!